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Elevacity takes great pride in customer satisfaction. These are a few of their stories, in their own words. Do you have a positive result you would like to share with us? Email us at stories@elevacity.com.

Marylou O.

I lost 10 lbs with this coffee, and it gives me the energy without the palpitations. Most importantly is the focus I needed, brought about by Nootropics!

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Michael K.

My name is Michael and today I made the new Elevate Brew coffee this morning and drank it at 11am. It smelled and tasted great! From that time until 9pm, I worked on a project with no big breaks! I never felt jittery at all but just mentally focused, alert and had plenty of energy. I absolutely recommend everyone try this coffee! I hear people are losing weight from this coffee along with the higher energy and increased focus. It is a fine, dark roasted Columbian coffee.


Marie C.

LIVING LIFE PAIN-FREE: Just had my toast sprinkled with cinnamon and some ginger then I Drink the Elevate Coffee to help with weight management, mood enhancer and energy booster–Naturally. I was NEVER a coffee person but the Elevate Coffee changed me and won me over with its incredible taste and aroma due to its blend of African and Columbian properties. I feel so incredible and ready to start my journey to weight loss and a slimmer me!!

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Ann V.

I drank my first cup of elevate coffee. This is amazing. After 45 minutes I feel focused and alert. I don’t have that jittery coffee feeling that I do when I drink coffee with no cream or sugar. The coffee is great. I noticed while driving to the dentist I was more focused on the crazy traffic. This is what I need since I drive for a living.


Sandy W.

I’ve been on a weight-loss journey all this year. I got to 30 pounds down, and got stuck. Nothing worked. Enter Elevate Brew, and the plateau is behind me – way behind me! My goal was to shed 40 pounds this year, and I’m only 2 pounds away. YAY!

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Diane J.

After completing 3 weeks I am down 10.6 pounds just having this awesome coffee to start my day. If you don’t have any Elevate Brew you need to get some and when you give out samples you better have more on hand because they will want it.


Sonny F.

I had already switched to a plant based diet and very quickly lost 14 lbs in the first two weeks. I did start to lose that momentum and my yearning for junk food and fatty meat and dairy was back and took a lot of effort to out run. Then my coffee arrived. I am always more skeptical than most about fantastic claims but I’m also more willing to try new things to prove myself wrong than most as well. Man oh man. This stuff nails every claim on the head and hard. Just on the weight loss claim I can say I honestly never feel hungry and because of that was able to stay the course, only eat natural nutritious food and I ended up losing another 10 lbs in the next 10 days. I’m plateauing now but that is typical for the loss rate I was shooting for but still another 40 or so to go to hit my fighting weight. Still, I’m on a roll here overall and this coffee makes it so easy I’m confident by 2017 I will be a mere slip of my former self at 200 lbs.

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Allan D.

The Elevacity Brew is the most unique and positive experience I’ve ever had with a nutritional supplement. I’ve been using some of the World’s best products for over a decade now. I research and study and find products for one purpose really, and that’s to live a longer, healthier life. The thought of growing old, being sick is something that truly scares me. I see some of my family members who I love dearly paying severe consequences for not taking care of themselves and I vowed that I’d do everything in my power to first take care of myself, so that way I can take what I learn and help the ones I love and care about the most. Honestly, that’s my “why.”


Laurie A.

I have been drinking Elevate Brew for about 7 weeks and I am down 12.6 pounds….I work long and crazy hours at American Red Cross and this coffee has amazing effects and I love it. It keeps me focused and alert and I don’t feel tired like I was. It has boosted my metabolism. Thanks Diane Jordan for introducing me to this amazing coffee.

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